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  1. Where there is a will, there is a way.
    在有意志力的地方,就有一條道路。∕有志者事竟成。── 諺語
    同: In the place where there is a will, there is a way.
  2. be on the brink of...  瀕臨??的邊緣
    同: be on the verge of...
    = be on the edge of...
    brink n. 邊緣
    Lillian is on the brink of an emotional breakdown.
    *breakdown n. 崩潰
  3. with / in regard to...  關於……
    With regard to our honeymoon destination, I would prefer to go to a tropical island.
  4. on a... scale  以……的規模
    衍: on a large / small scale  大∕小規模(地)
    As war broke out, people fled the city on a large scale.
  5. result from...  起因於……
    反: result in...  造成……
    Cancer can result from too much exposure to the sun.
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  1. One of them is the global food shortage that promises to be a catastrophein the very near future.
    a. 空格前有不定冠詞 a,得知空格應置子音為首的單數名詞。
    b. 選項中符合上述的有 (B) trash(垃圾)、(D) catastrophe(災難)、(I) popularity(流行)及 (L) respect(方面;尊敬),惟根據語意,(D) 項應為正選。
    c. catastrophe n. 災難
    The prophet warned that a catastrophe would occur in 2012.
    該預言家警告在 2012 年將有一場大災難發生。
    *prophet n. 預言家,先知
  2. True, millions of people, especially in Africa and Asia, starve, balancing on the brink of death from hunger.
    a. 本句主詞為 millions of people(數百萬人),視為複數,而空格後並無受詞,得知空格應置現在式或過去式複數不及物動詞。
    b. 選項中符合上述的有 (C) dwindled(減少)、(E) starve(挨餓)及 (H) take(有效果),惟根據語意,(E) 項應為正選。
    c. starve vi. 挨餓,饑餓
    衍: be starving to death  餓死了
    Since I didn't have time for breakfast, I was starving to death by lunchtime.
  3. But it is also true that in the West, about 40 percent of all food ends up in the trash.
    a. 空格前有定冠詞 the,得知空格應置名詞。
    b. 選項中為名詞的尚有 (B) trash(垃圾)、(I) popularity(流行;受歡迎)及 (L) respect(方面;尊敬),惟根據語意,(B) 項應為正選。
    c. trash n. 垃圾(集合名詞,不可數)
    同: garbage n. 
    = rubbish n. 
    Susan is supposed to take out the trash every Friday, but she often forgets.
  4. With regard to the whole of the country, that amounts to a staggering waste of about US$165 billion.
    a. 空格前有代名詞 that(那),空格後有名詞詞組 a staggering waste of about 165 billion dollars(浪費了驚人的一千六百五十億美元),得知空格應置單數及物動詞或片語動詞。
    b. 選項中符合上述的有 (C) dwindled(減少)及 (G) amounts to(總計達……),惟根據語意,(G) 項應為正選。
    c. amount to...  (加起來)總計達……
    同: add up to...
    The kid's doctor bills amounted to thousands of US dollars.
  5. Of course, this problem is a big headache for the government and the UN authorities, so individual groups are taking an initiative to see what they can do in this respect.
    a. 空格前有形容詞 this(這),得知空格應置名詞以被 this 修飾。
    b. 選項中為名詞的尚有 (I) popularity(流行;受歡迎)及 (L) respect(方面;尊敬),惟根據語意,(L) 項應為正選。
    c. respect n. 方面
    同: aspect n.
    In many respects, this proposal is better than the last one.
  6. The so-called "sharing a refrigerator" campaign is gaining popularity in Europe.
    a. 本題測試以下固定用法:
    gain popularity  受到歡迎
    popularity n. 受歡迎;普及
    Organic vegetables are gaining popularity day by day.
    b. 根據上述用法,(I) 項應為正選。
  7. It is amazing to see how the volume of wasted food has dwindled in this program.
    a. 空格前有表完成式的助動詞 has,空格後有介詞 in,得知空格應置過去分詞形式的不及物動詞。
    b. 選項中符合上述的僅有 (C) dwindled(減少),置入後亦符合語意,故為正選。
    c. dwindle vi. 減少
    As oil supplies dwindle, we need to find other sources of sustainable energy.
  8. Of course, sharing a fridge requires certain rules: giving each person enough space, labeling when the food was made, keeping the food in leak- and smell-proof containers, timely replenishing of the contents of the fridge, etc.
    a. 空格前有動名詞 giving(給)及名詞詞組 each person(每個人),空格後有名詞子句 when the food was made(該食物是何時製造的),得知空格應置動名詞以和 giving 形成對等。
    b. 選項中為動名詞的有 (F) uttering(說)及 (J) labeling(標示),惟根據語意,(J) 項應為正選。
    c. label vt. 在……標記;貼標籤 
    The doctor labeled the bottle of pills as expired.
  9. It really does not take much to make our neighbors happy.
    a. 本題測試以下固定用法:
    It takes + 表條件的名詞 + to V  做……需要……(條件)
    It takes quite a bit effort to establish a successful business.
    b. 根據上述用法,(H) 項應為正選。
  10. The "sharing a fridge" initiative has been tried on a wider scale in the Basque province of Spain, under the name "Solidarity Fridge," where"public" fridges offer food and welcome donations right on the city streets.
    a. 空格前有表『地方』的先行詞 in the Basque province of Spain(在西班牙巴斯克區),空格後有一完整子句 "public" fridges offer food and welcome donations right on the city streets(『公共』冰箱就在市區街道上供應食物,且歡迎大家捐贈食物),得知空格內應置能修飾地方的關係副詞 where 來引導形容詞子句。
    This is the house where I once lived.
    b. 根據上述用法,(K) 項應為正選。
       Dr. Chao
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Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

有志者   事竟成   

小行動 大不同
by Igor Bagrov

Change our attitude, and we can make the world a better place.

  We live in a world of paradoxes. One of them is the global food shortage that promises to be a _(1)_ in the very near future. But is it really a huge, unsolvable problem? True, millions of people, especially in Africa and Asia, _(2)_, balancing on the brink of death from hunger. But it is also true that in the West, about 40 percent of all food ends up in the _(3)_. In the US alone, an average family throws out over 1,000 pounds of food every year. With regard to the whole of the country, that _(4)_ a staggering waste of about US$165 billion. Of course, this problem is a big headache for the government and the UN authorities, so individual groups are taking an initiative to see what they can do in this _(5)_.
  The so-called "sharing a refrigerator" campaign is gaining _(6)_ in Europe. In an office or a dormitory, people share the same fridge's contents instead of keeping an individual bottle of milk or a package of franks. It is amazing to see how the volume of wasted food has _(7)_ in this program. Of course, sharing a fridge requires certain rules: giving each person enough space, _(8)_ when the food was made, keeping the food in leak- and smell-proof containers, timelyreplenishing of the contents of the fridge, etc. 
  You will also be surprised by how much such a practice organizes us: we become less selfish and more cooperative, we learn new skills of living in a community, and it wakes up our dormant virtues of compassion and generosity. It really does not _(9)_ much to make our neighbors happy. 
  The "sharing a fridge" initiative has been tried on a wider scale in the Basque province of Spain, under the name "Solidarity Fridge," _(10)_ "public" fridges offer food and welcome donations right on the city streets. These may seem just like tiny steps in the right direction, but we should never forget that big things often result from small actions.

(A) many (B) trash (C) dwindled (D) catastrophe
(E) starve (F) uttering (G) amounts to (H) take
(I) popularity (J) labeling (K) where (L) respect

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          EAT: Story of Food  

2015/04/14 第209期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱 

EAT: Story of Food  為食之故
by Marcus Maurice

Food is an important gateway to understanding other cultures.

  All human beings throughout time can agree on one thing — we like to eat. From the beginning of human history, eating is what has driven nearly everything we have ever done. Villages have always started near waterways where people could fish. Hunger taught many people to hunt their own food. Eventually, we learned enough about plants so that we could settle and farm. We ate as much food as possible, but these days that is not enough. As humans have become more sophisticated, our tastes have, too. Now, instead of just worrying about what we are going to eat, we think about flavors and convenience. Our appetites have shaped the planet, changed history, and even modified the future.
  This month on National Geographic Channel (NGC), a six-part mini-series called EAT: Story of Food digs deep into who we are and how food has shaped us over the years. One of the biggest food revolutionaries in the world was Julia Child. This American woman was an unlikely television star when she went on a Boston TV show to promote her recently releasedcookbook. Right away, people were enthralled with her, and she soon had her own show, The French Chef. Child taught people how to cook better food, made mistakes that normal people make, and introduced new tastes to American people's plates. Without Child, there would be no Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Bourdain, or any others. This month on NGC, make sure you catch EAT: Story of Food and learn more about the cuisinethat helps us survive.

  1. gateway n. 途徑;入口處
    衍: a gateway drug  入門毒品,
  2. settle vi. 定居(常與介詞 in 並用)
    衍: settle down  安定下來
    The couple settled in Rome after they got married.
    Henry didn't settle down until he was 42 years old.
  3. sophisticated a. 世故的;老練的
    A sophisticated man will always try to remain calm.
  4. flavor n. 味道 & vt. 調味
    衍: flavor A with B  用 B 將 A 調味
    This dish has an intense sour flavor.
    Taiwanese people are used to flavoring food with soy sauce.
  5. convenience n. 方便
    衍: at sb's convenience  在某人方便時
    反: inconvenience [ "InkJn`vinyJns ] n. 不便,麻煩(之處)
    Please call me at your earliest convenience.
    The residents had to suffer the inconvenience of a broken elevator.
  6. appetite n. 胃口
    衍: have an appetite for...  對……有胃口;喜歡……
    Pregnant women often have an appetite for sour foods.
  7. modify vt. 修改,更改
    衍: modified a. 改造的;修改的
    genetically modified food  基因改良食物(常簡寫為 GM food)
    The engineer modified the computer so that it would run faster.
    Many people still question the safety of eating genetically modified food.
  8. revolutionary n. 革命家 & a. 革命性的;創新的
    衍: revolution n. 革命
    Sun Yat-sen was a famous revolutionary.
    Mr. Jackson's revolutionary ideas led to great change.
    The Industrial Revolution changed human life forever.
    *the Industrial Revolution  工業革命
  9. promote vt. 推銷;促銷
    衍: promotion n. 推銷
    We promoted our products by giving away free samples.
    Our public relations office is involved in the promotion of many new products.
    *public relations  公共關係
  10. release vt. 發行;上映
  11. enthrall vt. 吸引;使著迷
    Al's novels have enthralled millions of readers for over twenty years.
  12. cuisine n. 菜餚,料理(不可數)

▼ waterway n. 河道;水路
▼ farm vi. 耕種,務農 & n. 農場

  1. dig into...  鑽研,挖掘……
    dig vt. & vi. 挖掘(三態為:dig, dug, dug。)
    No stone is left unturned as the historian and his team dig into America's past.

  從古至今,所有人都會同意一件事 ── 我們都愛吃。自人類歷史的開端以來,飲食是驅使我們做出幾乎所有事情的動力。村落總是開始存在於人們能夠捕魚的水道附近。飢餓教導了許多人尋找自己的食物。最終,我們對植物有了足夠的了解,如此一來我們便可以定居和耕種。過去我們盡可能在量方面滿足自己,但如今光是這樣已不足夠。隨著人類變得越來越世故之際,我們的味覺亦變得講究起來了。今天,我們不僅會擔心要吃什麼,還會考慮口味與便利性。我們的口腹之慾塑造了這個星球的風貌、改變了歷史,甚至改變了未來。

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2015/02/10 第201期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱  

Crowd Control 人群控制學問多
by Marcus Maurice

Instead of punishing people for bad behavior, why not reward them for good behavior?

  In parks all over the world, getting people to clean up after their dogs has always been a chore. Everyone loves spending time with their dogs running around or playing fetch outdoors, but they loathe having to bend down and clean up the poop that their pets will eventually leave on the ground. Signs have been put up all over the parks to remind dog owners that they need to clean up the poop, and people have even been threatened with fines, but nothing seems to have had a long-term effect on solving this problem. In National Geographic Channel's (NGC) Crowd Control, producers think outside the box. Instead of punishing people, they decide to reward them. In one park, a trash receptacle is outfitted with sensors to detect when people deposit bags of poop in it. Once this happens, a reward in the form of dog treats is given to owners to be fed to their dogs. Thiscauses quite a stir and gets more people to clean up after their dogs.
  Another problem is jaywalking. While it seems like a minor crime, onepedestrian gets injured every eight minutes around the world from jaywalking. The main reason people jaywalk is that they are impatient. At street corners, waiting one minute for a light can seem like an eternity. On Crowd Control, however, a small video game is installed at a crosswalk sign. Pedestrians can play the game with each other, and when they do, they do not even realize they have been waiting for a minute or think about jaywalking. This creative solution to a problem is just another prime example of why everyone needs to watch Crowd Control on NGC this month. 

  1. punish vt. 懲罰
    衍: punish sb for...  因……懲罰某人
    punishment n. 懲罰
    I punished my daughter for smoking cigarettes.
    You will receive severe punishment for breaking the law.
  2. reward vt. 獎賞 & n. 報酬
    衍: reward sb for (doing) sth  為了某人(從事)某事而給獎勵
    reward sb with sth  用某物獎賞某人
    Jason rewarded the children for behaving well.
    The general rewarded the soldier with a medal.
  3. chore n. 令人厭煩的任務;雜務
    衍: do chores  做雜事
    It is unfair to ask your eight-year-old sister to do all your chores.
  4. fetch n. & vt. 取來,拿來
    Please fetch me a glass of water with lemon.
  5. loathe vt. 厭惡,憎恨
    衍: loathe N/V-ing  厭惡(做)……
    Stella loathes eggplants above all other vegetables.
    Ray loathed visiting his girlfriend's parents because they always asked him questions about his job.
  6. eventually adv. 最後,終於
    We eventually found out why Joyce always looked so tired.
  7. threaten vt. 威脅
    衍: threaten to V  威脅要……
    The police threatened to throw the man in jail if he didn't sit down and be quiet.
  8. deposit vt. 放置;寄存
    Please deposit the money into my account by noon tomorrow.
  9. jaywalking n. 違規穿越馬路
    衍: jaywalk vi. 違規穿越馬路
    A couple of pedestrians were given tickets for jaywalking.
    The last time Ian jaywalked, he nearly got run over by a truck.
  10. pedestrian n. 行人
  11. impatient a. 沒耐心的
    衍: impatience n. 不耐煩
  12. eternity n. 永恆;不朽
  13. crosswalk n. 行人穿越道
  14. prime a. 主要的;首要的
    My prime concern right now is finding the best vet for my sick dog.

 receptacle n. 容器

  1. clean up after an animal / sb
    I'm not your mother to clean up after you.
  2. bend down  彎下身來
  3. think outside the box  跳脫舊思維的框架;想出別出心裁的點子
    同: think out of the box
    By thinking outside the box, Sophie discovered something new.
  4. be outfitted with...  配備……
    同: be equipped with...
    The luxury car is outfitted with a high-end stereo system.
    *high-end a. 高端的
  5. cause / create a stir  引發迴響;造成轟動
    stir n. 轟動
    Our company's basketball shoe ads have caused a stir.